How To Remove Carrier IQ On iPhone And iPad ?

Carrier IQ discovered by Trevor Eckhart (TrevE) that running in Android mobile phone will tracking users data like GPS location,SMS,browsing history and ever record the conversation,worked almost same as PC roolkit application.Now this kind of Carrier IQ application also found in iPhone,iPad iOS device.

Luckily Carrier IQ on iPhone or iPad will not turn on automatically,then it’s only collect some basic users information as location,conversation record etc.If you are iPhone and iPad iOS users and wish do not let Carrier IQ continue collect and tracking ours users data,you can remove this application.


How To Remove Carrier IQ On iPhone,iPad

Go To Setting,General, About and Diagnostics & Usage, then click 「 Don’t Send 」. This method applied to iOS 5 only.

remove carrier iq on iphone


If you are still using iOS 3 or 4,please refer chpwn post to remove carrier IQ.

I suggested that you can read Trevor Eckhart research paper part 1 ,part 2. and watch below video for more understanding.