How To Protect Facebook Privacy After Open Graph Implemented

Recently Facebook launched it’s Open Graph API.As a Facebook user like me,is there any amendment privacy right in the Facebook and how to set our own privacy right to avoid our personal details reveal in internet ?

Currently there are two applications for Open Graph implementation that will carry out different level of privacy related issues.These two applications are;

  • Social plugins
  • Instant Personalization and partner sites

Social Plugins

Facebook provided extensions that embed social features such as ‘Like button’,comments etc let others people know what you like ,interest across the web.

Blog or website with Social Plugins installation won’t get any Facebook users information.If you click ‘I Like Button’,blog or website will not grant any information from Facebook user,your friend in Facebook will know and see this ‘I Like’ message appear in your Facebook profile,also Facebook will keep this information forever.So,Social plugins more on recommendation and sharing information across the web.


Instant Personalization and partner sites

This is most concern for me that will reveal our privacy to internet.Till now there are only three web site obtained permission getting ‘instant personalization’ from Facebook,

  1. Yelp – America’s restaurant rating site
  2. Pandora – music site
  3. Docs – Facebook and Microsoft research launched online file service.

These Facebook partner site will grant the all user’s personal information as access the website ( if you allow they access your Facebook account ).If you are rating a restaurant with Yelp,then a review message will appear in your Facebook profile and your Facebook ‘s friend will see it.

Prevent ‘Instant Personalization’ application in Open Graph grant your personal details

1.Go to ‘Account’ –> ‘Privacy Setting’ –> ‘Applications and websites’,then select ‘edit setting’ for ‘Instant Personalization Pilot Program’,


Then uncheck item ‘Allow select partners to instantly personalize their features with my public information when I first arrive on their websites’.


Do not share information as Facebook friend running Facebook application

1.In ‘Privacy setting’ –> ‘application and websites’,select ‘edit settings’ for item ‘What your friends can share about you’,


You can noticed that even if you didn’t use any Facebook application,some of your information may sharing as long as your Facebook friend using it,so it’s better all put uncheck and click ‘Save changes’.

Delete unused Facebook application

This is very important.Go to ‘Account’ –> ‘application setting’,select ‘Authorized’ to show,

Click ‘X’ that unused Facebook application and delete it.


Hope can help you all.