How To Make Your Gmail Account Become A MP3 Player

Most of us are like listen to music,sometimes a group of your friend would like to share the interesting music or song with each other but thinking of need to set up a music web hosting,you will feel that it is not easy.Here i told you a simple method is using gmail account.

Normally people are using gmail to sent and receive email,PDF file,you will be surprise that your gmail account can change to a MP3 player.First,you need to create a new gmail account.( don’t use your primary gmail account to prevent suspended),after that attached the song with mp3 format and sent back to your own gmail account.

As you received the mp3 song in your gmail account,then click ‘play’ and you will be listen to this song.

After click the ‘play’,it will pop up a window and displayed the simple play,pause and volume control button.

The disadvantage is can’t be continuous playing the song if you attached more than one song.

With this simple method ,a group of your friends can shared the song with each other.

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