How To Know Your Gmail Account Access Or Login in By Others Without Your Acknowledge

Recently Gmail launched a “Last account activity” new feature, is let us knowing the last few hours of your Gmail account login status, including the type of access, IP addresses and login time. This information easily identify Gmail whether other people access ours Gmail account secretly . If you suspect your Gmail account use by others without your acknowledge, you can go through the “last account activity,” functions to check your Gmail account status.

Opening the Gmail account, in the bottom of the page of “Last account activity’,double click the “details” to open a new window shows the last few hours of Log in record .


This can check for;

* Access type: contains the type of web browser and POP3 access, as long as browsing through a Gmail account will be recorded.
* IP address: IP address of each computer access through your Gmail account.
* Date / Time: The log records the time and date.

In addition record the login information, “last account activity” also can show that others “sign in activities” in progress, that means login in your Gmail account secretly,we can click ‘sign out all other sessions’ forced them to sign out.

Then change your Gmail account password instantly with select ‘Setting’ –> ‘Account’ –> ‘Google Account Setting’ .