How To Know Real Time Number Of Blog Readers Without Check Through Web Stats Website Or Widget ?

Those blog or website owners are most concern i think are the number of readers visiting their blog or website.Then they will installing web stats counter such as Statcounter but all this web stats counter need to log in into their website getting the information or visited back own blog checking the web stats widget,it’s may quite annoying if always repeat the same things.So how to getting know real time number of readers without visited web stats counter website or widget ?

To get this done,You need to install this as below;

1.Install ‘‘ widget into your blog or website.

2.Install ‘ user online counter‘ add-on / extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome.


1.Visit website or their showcase install widget into blog or website ( it’s shouldn’t be problem for you ,right ? ).

2.Then download and install user online counter’ firefox add-on.After that click widget counter inside your blog and will bring you to stats webpage,you will notice that a URl in address bar ,please note down xxxxxxxx and will using later.

3.Click ‘Tools’ –> ‘Add-ons’ in Firefox,select ‘Option’ in user online counter add-on,enter in the character (xxxxxxxx) into the column and click ‘OK’.


4.Now you will know real time number of reader visited your blog or website.


Google Chrome ( need 4.0 version or later )

1.Visit here and click ‘Install’ icon installing this extension.

2.Click wrench and select ‘Extensions’,click ‘Option’ for Google chrome extensions concern,


3.Enter in the character and click ‘Save’.Now it will showing real time visitors who reading your blog or website.



All your blog or website stats showing in web browser with trick mentioned above.