How To Install Window Live Messenger 2009 Successfully

I received a few emails asking me is there any tips or tricks that can install window Live Messenger ( WLM ) 2009 successful without any problem created after they read my post ‘Use MSN old version without upgrade to WLM 2009’.Actually there are no guarantee that won’t any problem occurred during install WLM 2009,i will show my method how to install WLM 2009 successfully with minimum issue.

Normally we will click ‘YES’ and let the pc upgrade to lastest WLM 2009 automatically as a pop up window asking upgraded.I suggested that you don’t do that and need to uninstall old vesion of MSN first.Using ‘Add or Remove programs’ in Window will not uninstall MSN completely,you need to a MSN removal tool that call ‘Messenger Deep Clean’.

Messenger Deep clean is a single utility can remove any versions of MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger .Download Messenger deep clean and unzipped.Then double click ‘WLMessenger_DeepClean.wsf’,a script form will appear and press ‘Enter’ buttom,messenger deep clean will help you remove old version of MSN completely.


Then download WLM 2009 ( msi ) and installed.

Hope can help all of you.

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