How To Identify The Program Need to Run During Start Up ?

As we typing ‘msconfig’ in Run command,it will show up a list of start up program in start up mode.Sometimes you will feel wanted to disable some entries but not sure about it.How you know which start up program needed ?Asking friend ? I present you a good way how to check it,this method easy and fast.

After type ‘msconfig’ in Run Command,a list up program are loaded.As you find a entry that you not sure why has been loaded by startup,go to the Castlecops Startup website,enter the program filename in the search column (such as RTHDCPL.exe),if the filename is found,you will see the description and the status.Status show;

“Y” – Leave to run at start-up
“N” – Not required
” U” – User’s choice – depends whether a user deems it necessary
“X” – Definitely not required – typically viruses, spyware, adware and “resource hogs”
“?” – Unknown
Then you will know which entry can be disable.

PS:This website are use to checking startup entries at Startup Mode ,not for Services mode in system configuration utility.