How To Have Secure Connection In Internet ?

As you access some web site such as internet banking,twitter,Paypal etc may ask you for sensitive information like username and password,you need to be able to identify if the page is secure or not.A secure web connection is extremely important as online fraud cases have increased substantially from year to year.So how can i tell if a web site is in a secure connection ?

Normally, when browsing the web, the URLs (web page addresses) begin with the letters “http”. However, over a secure connection the address displayed should begin with “https” – note the “s” at the end.You no need add “s” manually and use a greasemonkey script called ‘secure connections in sites’ forces known sites to use a secure connection,after installing,the known sites,it added “s” atomically.

1.Install greasemonkey add-on into Firefox.

2.Install secure connections on sites script.

Below is the website list that can change to secure connection with ‘https’.

If found some website didn’t in the list ,you can ask author add it.