How To Get Back Old Design And Social Features Of Google Reader ?

Redesign Google Reader rolled out finally and got a lot of complaint,especially took out Google Reader social features like 「 People You Follow 」 and 「 Your Shared Items 」. If you really want to use back old design of Google Reader,install 「 Reader Sharer 」 extension on Google Chrome.

Get Back Google Reader Old Design


Reader Sharer Extension:

Install Reader Sharer extension on Google Chrome and refresh Google Reader.Google Reader Interface change to blue color,it’s great and not look is ugly.

google reader redesign


People You follow and Your Shared Items option will appear after install Reader Sharer.

google reader redesign


The main implements features are;

1. The “Your shared items” view.
2. The “People you follow” view.
3. Share/unshare an item.
4. Share/unshare an item by keyboard shortcuts (alt + s).
5. Display whether an item has been shared or not.
6. Recover some old style for improving readability.

In future Reader Sharer will add in other features like

1. Support keyboard shortcuts.
2. Like/unlike an item.
3. Add/delete comments for an item.
4. Add/remove friends.
5. Display whether an item has been liked/commented or not.

Those who use Firefox can use userscripts 「 Reader Sharer Monkey 」 with same features as Reader Sharer that developed by same developer.

Reader Sharer Monkey:

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