How To Fix Infinity Blade 2 Crash Issue On iPad 1 and iPod Touch ?

My iPad 1 facing crash issues after installed and start running Infinity Blade 2, it’s can’t start up the game even reboot iPad. Then i searching internet and found that lot of Infinity Blade 2 gamers facing same problem as me especially running on iPad 1 and iPod Touch iOS devices.

Chair Entertainment and Epic Games have identify the problem and suspects due to running out of memory on their heavily laden iPad 1 and iPod Touch devices, this message already published on their Epic Games forum, now they are working to fix this issue and will submit a update to iTunes app store as soon as possible.

Well,i can’t wait to fix Infinity blade 2 crash issue and also don’t know when they can having a update on iTunes app store. If you same as me having Infinity Blade 2 crashes issue, you can follow below method fix it by yourself and let you iPad 1 running game smoothly without any problem (at least work for me).


Infinity Blade 2 Crash Fix

1.Use ifunbox connect to your iPad 1 and navigate to /var/mobile/Applications/InfinityBlade2/

2.There are total 4 MP4 video files in m4v format.

  • Startup.m4v
  • Starup_Long.m4v
  • Logo.m4v
  • IB2_Prison_Open_cine.m4v

infinity blade 2 crash issue


3.Now delete Startup.m4v,Starup_Long.m4v and IB2_Prison_Open_cine.m4v these three files or rename m4v file extension to others, here i change these three m4v file extension from m4v to m4v2 (Please backup before any amended).

infinity blade 2 crash


This method is disable m4v video file and don’t let it play automatically with use less memory. Now i can play the game on iPad 1 without any problem.

play infinity blade 2 without crash


Hope can help you all.

PS: Infinity Blade for iPhone and iPad become free for limited time (14/2/2013), download the game.

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