How To Export Firefox 3 Bookmarks To Opera Web Browser

Recently my Firefox 3 web browser facing crash problem and forced to use Opera instead.The problem that i facing is how to ship my Firefox bookmarks ( more than 100 ) to Opera,i use Google to search for the solution ,luckily i got it and shipped all my Firefox’s bookmark instantly without any software or plugin supported.

Below is solution how to ship Firefox bookmarks to Opera web browser;

1.Open Firefox 3,select ‘ Bookmark ‘ –> ‘ Organize Bookmarks ‘ ,

2.Select ‘ Import and Backup ‘ and ‘ Export HTML’,

3.The bookmark file save in a specific place such as desktop ,in type of HTML file .

4.Then open up Opera web browser,’ File ‘ –> ‘ Import and Export ‘ –> ‘ Import Netscape/Firefore bookmark ‘,locate the previous Firefox bookmark file and click ‘ Open ‘,

5.The bookmark will attach to Opera bookmark column.

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