How To Enable Right Click Function In Firefox ?

Some of the website or blog protected their image and content by using a Javascript that disable right click function. Most of the visitors go to your site just for find some information, only a small percentage of the visitors with intention stealing the content of the blog and website. If you using Firefox,i can show you a trick how to enable back the right click function without install any software or add-on.

Enable right click on Firefox is quite simple, just follow below steps to enable it.


Enable Right click On Firefox

1.Open up Firefox web Browser, Choose ‘Tool’ –> ‘Option’.

2.Select ‘Content’ –> ‘Advanced’.

Enable Firefox right click


3.In Advanced Javascript setting wizard, uncheck ‘Disable or replace context menu’ and click ‘OK’. Then close all the wizard.

Firefox right click


Now try your Firefox in the website that disable right click and see what is the result ?

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