How To Enable Chrome Extensions For Your Specific Websites

If you are a Chrome user, once installed Chrome extensions and enabled it unless you turn it off manually, otherwise, it is automatically enabled under all browsing sites.

Example, you may use VPN Chrome addon to bypass the restriction and becomes anonymous by changing IP address when going online.

However, not all sites that you visited need to turn on the VPN feature.

It’s quite annoying and troublesome go to chrome://extensions and turn it off manually.

I like to visit China website such as watching Chinese drama and TV series online.

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Change Chrome Extensions Setting

A Chrome extension called Unblock Boundary has installed from Google Chrome web store, to let me bypass regional restrictions if live outside China.

If we try to access these websites from outside China, the web player will be shown up a message “This video is not available in your area due to restrictions”.

Chrome Extensions

Unblock Boundary Chrome browser extension used to solve and bypass region restriction issues. Now can watch the movie.

Chrome%20Extensions 2

This Chrome extensions only restricted and used on websites, other sites I would like to disable it as doing normal browsing.

Visit chrome://extensions, then click on “Details” button.

Chrome web store

Scroll down till you see Site access Chrome extension setting.

Now to run Unblock Boundary on specific websites only (here use as an example), make sure “On specific sites” box is selected.

Chrome%20Extensions 3

Key in “” into the column without https:// at the front and click on Add button. That all.

Chrome extension settings

The extension will work on specific websites that you already key in into site access setting option, otherwise, the extension is unable and restrict as visit other websites.

That’s about it. Hopefully this clarifies exactly how to turn on the Google chrome extensions for specific websites without toggle the ON/OFF switch manually.