How To Download Window XP SP2 RC2 Without Uninstall Pre-ugrade Version

Microsoft announced that XP SP2 RC2 available for download. If you wanted to upgrade your xp sp2 to rc2 new version,Microsoft will remind you that need to uninstall pre-upgrade xp version,then you will do a lot of work like back up the computer data and files,uninstall xp software,etc.Here will show you how to install xp sp2 rc2 new version without uninstall xp software.

Open your registry editor,go toHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows,find the CSDVersion at the right side,check what is the value data.

Value data 100,your service pack is SP1
Value data 200,your service pack is SP2

Value data 300,your service pack is SP3

You need to change the value data to 200,then your xp service pack will be as SP2 version,then no need uninstall the xp software and can upgrade to xp sp2 rc2 new version. ( this is a cheating method to make our easy )

Window XP users enjoyed your download.