How To Download Flash Game From Internet And Play In PC

Are you always playing flash game in internet ? Sometimes you felt it is quite troublesome playing flash game caused it must play during online,is there any trick or method download the flash game into computer and play during offline ? Yes you can with ‘’and ‘flashoffliner’. is a web tool that help you download flash game into your computer.

How to download flash game

1.Copy and paste the flash game url to the URL column ( i use Star Wings flash game as example), select ‘Objects’ and put a ‘check‘ on ‘I have read and agree to the terms and service’,then click ‘Get Files’.


2.Select the game file with swf filename,right click on it and save to computer.


How to play flash game in computer

1.Download flashoffliner and installed.

2.Run flashoffliner .Right click flashoffliner icon in system tray and select ‘create new flashoffliner package’.


3.Key in the game name ( star wings),then click ‘Select Game file’ and ‘Select output folder’,click ‘
Start Packing’,it will create a fop file.


4.Close the above popup window.Right click flashoffliner icon in system tray again and select ‘Install flashoffliner package’,then choose the fop file created.

5.Right click flashoffliner and select the game ( Star Wings),then you can start enjoy the game.