How To Disable ‘Autorun.Inf’ To Prevent Virus Attack Computer.

Recently there are many case reported that ‘autorun‘ virus spread through so many computer due to using flash memory or USB pendrive, so we need a preventive action to stop this virus spread to our computer.

As we insert a USB pendrive to computer, window will scan and check is there have autorun.inf file and then write into ‘mountpoint2’ registry, ‘mountpoint2’ will amend the act to open a disk or pop up menu. Although you already set up ‘disable auto play’, use right click or use ‘explore’ to open disk, the result still will run ‘virus .exe’.


Disable Autorun.inf

Therefore we need to banned the ‘mountpoint2’ registry area to disable autorun, the method as below,

1.START ->RUN ->Key in ‘regedit’ to open registry.

2. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\Microsoft\ Windows\CurrentVersion \Explorer\MountPoints2,

3.Right click ‘mountpoints2’ and select ‘permission’

4.Then click ‘Advance’, uncheck ‘inherit from parent the permission entires that apply to child objects.Include these with entries explicity defined here’.

5.Click ‘remove’.’Yes’ and ‘OK’.

Now even you insert a pendrive with virus and your computer couldn’t affected.

PS 1:Add a post step by step manual delete autorun virus on 23/1/08
PS 2 :Add a post Talking about ‘autorun inf’ virus again on 31/1/08

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