How To Customize Appearance And Font Size In Google Reader ?

I was using Google Reader as my web based RSS reader and quite satisfied of it features and user friendly but it was not so perfect.Maybe i need to put in subjective to say that text space width,font size are quite narrow and small,sometimes my eyes was uncomfortable as long time focus to read the articles with Google Reader.Moreover,there was a empty space at the right hand side in Google reader,why not expand the text word become a full screen view ?

If you felt that we are in the same situation,i can show you a tip how to expand the text become full screen view and having a comfortable reading articles.

As you open up a Google reader,you will getting a window as below,notice that a blank space at right hand side.

google reader-1

Now download a Firefox plug in that called Stylish .After download and restart the Firefox,right click the Stylish icon at bottom status bar and select ‘Manage Style‘ ,

google reader-2

Then click on ‘Write‘ and a pop up window as shown,

google reader-3

In description column,key in ‘ Google Reader
Empty space key in ‘ @-moz-document url-prefix(“”) { .entry .entry-body {max-width:100% !important; font-size:16px !important; line-height:150% !important;} } ‘ , then click ‘save’ .

google reader-4

You also can amended the value of max-width,font-size and line-height to suit your computer screen .

After install script and CSS source above ,Google Reader window shown as below,

google reader-5

The text word already expanded to right hand side.Is it more comfortable ?

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