How To Create A Restart And Shutdown Shortcut In Your PC ?

How you shutdown your computer ?normally we will click ‘start’ and ‘turn off computer’ or use Window button and press ‘u’ twice to switch off the computer.Is there any simply way to turn computer off ? Yes,you can create a shortcut in your computer desktop with double click,then turn off your computer.

How to do that ? here i show you the step ;

Step 1 :On the desktop,right click your ‘New’ and ‘Shortcut’,

Step 2 :In ‘type the location of the item’ ,type ‘shutdown -s -t 0‘,

Step 3 :click ‘Next’,then enter a name,such as ‘shutdown’ and click ‘Finish’.

That all.When you double click the shortcut,your PC will shutdown automatically.

If you wanted to create a restart shortcut,just follow the step above except changing ‘shutdown -s -t 0‘ to ‘shutdown -r -t 0‘ only.