How To Create Free EDU Email Address Account (2019)

A few years back Techgravy blog shared the trick that how to get free EDU email address, but become invalid now.

Today we will be sharing new trick getting free EDU email by signing up a school email address, even you are non-student.

When you become a student of a university or college, you will have an EDU email account with your name.

This EDU email account comes with a few benefits that are available for students who have EDU emails, such as great discounts on many desirable products, including Apple, Dell and much more.

Or you can also get huge discounts on online services such as Microsoft DreamSpark, GitHub Student Developer Pack, Amazon, and LastPass.

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However, most of the people aren’t aware that you don’t have to be a teacher or student to have an EDU email account.

Technically, that is who this sort of email account is designed for. However, there are creative methods that you can register or grab an EDU email address without actually being a student or a teacher.

How To Get EDU Email Address?

Obviously, the easiest method to have a FREE EDU email account is to be a student or teacher of a particular university or college.

If you aren’t a student, signing up for an online college can help you obtain a free EDU email address.

Visit for admission.

edu email address

Now you need to enter identity information, Visit fake name generator website if you’re come from outside US region, remember to create a US identity by click Generate button.

You have to fill in all checklist item (total are 9 items). I won’t describe in details how to fill in the column, just like normal enrollment steps.

school email address

You will receive your college login information via email from within a week after you apply for admission.

Inside the email contained your edu email ID ending with, student ID and Comet ID.

It is important that you login and set up your profile and change your password.

Access the student portal at The login is your Comet ID and your default password is your birth date (mmddyy).

Please note down your birth date during fill in the admission form.

edu email sign up

Since the college email system uses Google for Education service, not surprise Google Drive is supported.

They removed the storage limits on Google Drive and added support for individual file sizes up to 5 TB.

Google Drive Of Google for Education

By the way, the college EDU email account able to apply Office 365 Education for free.

Office 365 Education