How To Convert Movie Srt Subtitle To Correct Character Encoding ?

After downloaded movie from internet, i will find and downloading Chinese srt subtitle for that movie. Sometimes Chinese srt subtitle will become wrong character encoding as played with the movie, but as using notepad to open up this srt subtitle, it’s become normal character. If you are having this kind of problem, i will sharing with you how to show correct character encoding during playing the movie.

All this happen are due to lot of srt files subtitles encoding different formats out there, moreover some of the movie players doesn’t supports Unicode (UTF-8, UTF-18) encoding. Below is a example as using Chinese srt subtitles with wrong character showed.

srt subtitle wrong encoding


Convert Movie Srt File Subtitle

MadEdit is a Cross-Platform Text/Hex Editor written in C++&wxWidgets. MadEdit can edit srt files in Text/Column/Hex modes and supports many useful functions e.g. SyntaxHighlightings, WordWrap, Encodings(UTF8/16/32,Big5,GBK…) and WordCount. We can use MadEdit to help us edit subtitles and become normal encoding during playing movies.

Download MadEdit and unzipped.Use MadEdit open srt file, select Tool’ -> ‘File Encoding’,

Edit srt file with MadEdit


Here i change new encoding to ‘BIG5’ (BIG5 is a character encoding method used for Traditional Chinese characters) and click ‘OK’, then save the file. You also can change others prefer character languages in here.

subtitle encoding


Now the movie showing correct character encoding.

correct subtitle encoding

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