How To Convert APE To MP3 Audio files With Foobar2000 ?

I known some music lover like convert their music CD into APE audio file rather than MP3 format and stored into computer.APE (Monkey’s Audio) is a file format for audio data compression with audio lossless which kept original audio CD quality,then not need to bring original CD and can listen music from computer with audio quality almost same as CD.

If you want to turn these APE audio format music into MP3 player or mobile phone device that can only play MP3 files,how should you do if the original CD is not around with you ?

Normally i use Foobar2000 audio player add in monkey’s audio decoder playing APE music files.If you want to convert APE to MP3 format files,just add in another LAME MP3 decoder into Foobar2000 and can convert it in the playlists directly. 

Download all the software that mentioned above.

1.Install Foobar2000 software,then unzipped Monkey’s audio decoder and put ‘foo_input_monkey.dll‘ into path ‘C:\Program Files\foobar2000\components’ folder,now foobar2000 can play APE music file already.


2.Start convert APE to MP3 files with foorbar2000 player.Unzipped LAME MP3 decoder to any folder and confirm ‘lame.exe‘ is inside it.

apeformat 1

3.Add in all APE music file by select ‘File’ -> ‘Add files’ into foobar2000 playlists.Then highlighted APE files and right click,click ‘Convert’.

apeformat 2

4.A converter setup wizard appeared.Select ‘MP3 (LAME),190kpbs,V2,fast‘ in output format column and specify which folder store the MP3 files,click ‘OK’.

apeformat 3

5.A pop up window appear and ask where is the ‘lame.exe’ location.Now point to ‘lame.exe’ where you unzipped and save LAME MP3 decoder,then foobar 2000 begin the conversion processes.

apeformat 4

6.The MP3 files already create in specify save folder after conversion completed.