How To Continue Use Avira AntiVir v9 And not Force Upgrade To v10 ?

Avira Antivir v10 released already and add in more features interface.All Avira AntiVir v9 users are forced upgrade to latest version.If you not familiar v10 new features or want to continue using v9 version,i will sharing how to continue Anvira Antivir v9 not force upgrade to v10 .

If you are Avira Antivir v9 user,select ‘Configure Antivir’ option and open up Avira wizard,select ‘Expert mode’ –> ‘General’ –> ‘Update’,then click ‘Do not download product update‘ and click ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’.That all.Avira antivir

If you are already update to Avira Antivir v10,please uninstall v10 with
Avira Antivir removal tool and download Avira Antivir v9 from disconnect to internet as running Avira Antivir v9 installation,then follow instruction above.Now your Avira Antivir v9 only update the virus database and will not upgrade to v10.