How To Connect & Chat Facebook Friends In Skype ?

Skype 5.0 has announced integrated with Facebook and who use Facebook credentials to log in to Skype will be able to see their Facebook friends on Skype. They will also be able to see their news feed and to sent text messages and call their friends’ landlines using Skype.

Download Skype 5.0 and log in.then you can notice a Facebook tab shown.

If can’t see it,click ‘view’ tab shown drop down menu and click ‘ Facebook Updates’.

Then let Skype connect to Facebook by click ‘See news feed in skype’ icon,enter in your Facebook username and password to validate the connection.

You will be asking to allow Skype can access and update your Facebook account,click ‘allow’,it’s will take some time to load your Facebook feed into Skype.Now you can chat with your Facebook friend by call or sms them.