How To Clone A Hard Disk With EaseUS Disk Copy

How to clone a hard disk may a headache for most of the people if want to replace the old hard disk or transfer file to another hard disk. Moreover, if the original disk crashed, they can replace the disk and restore back entire PC, including the OS plus the data, applications, pictures, video, settings and everything like the old hard disk data. What is the best free drive cloning software that let you easy to use with a simple interface?

EaseUS Disk Copy Home Edition is free hard drive clone software is a cross-platform disk cloning software that creates sector by sector clones of partitions or hard disks, independent of operating system, file systems or partition scheme. This free disk copy software can run as bootable CD or DVD. What is impress me is the backup and restore data process is pretty straightforward including a very detailed help section that will walk you through every aspect of the program. Please refer EaseUS Disk Copy key feature for more details.

Tutorial How To Clone a Hard Disk

For this tutorial will copy one hard drive to another drive.

First download EaseUS Disk Copy application and run it. Use the bootable media creator to create a bootable USB or CD and ISO file, then boost your computer.

How to clone a hard disk

Select “Start Disk Copy“.

Clone windows OS

Now choose “Disk Copy”.

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Selected the Disk 0 (160GB) drive as the source, then click on “Next”.

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Another Disk 1 (160GB) drive will be the destination, click on “Next” again.Due to this application using sector by sector copy makes physical 1:1 copies of hard disk partitions, destination hard drive must be greater than or equal to the source of the hard disk, so there is no error occur during the cloning process.

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Click on “Process” start to clone hard drive.

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When cloning operation successfully completed, click on “Quit” to exit.

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