How To Bypass Sites Blocked And Surf Anonymous ?

There are several post regarding how to use free VPN services surf anonymous and bypass web sites blocked in internet thus protect yourself online indirectly.If you aim to browsing website anonymously,then no need to install VPN service and following a long set up procedure,you just use small free proxy client tool with the size less than 1 MB.

Puff is a small proxy client with 843 KB size,special for internet Explorer web browser.Download Puff 0.03 and installed.The interface are quite simple,

puff 1

Click ‘Connect’ and then choose ‘IE via proxy’,Internet Explorer will open up and browsing web site without any setting applied.The IP server showing in USA and you can use it to watch USA TV program like Hulu. is a small java client ,117KB size only.Actually is benefit for those who using 3G/GPRS/CDMA ,dial up connection or having monthly download limit which can reduce bandwidth by compression transfer data,but it also can use as proxy client .

Download and running the client.Select ‘Mapping’ –> ‘’ –> ‘Apply’.After that go to your web browser internet setting ,configure manual proxy .In HTTP proxy key in and Port key in 8080,then save it .The IP server showing is in Germany.

toonel 1

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