How To Browse Website Without Install Any Web Browsers

Are you thinking that is it possible to do that after came across above title ? Nowadays some of the company or institution restricted people connecting to the internet with disable web browsers,download,plug and play function of the computer.Now i show you how to browse websites without web browser with condition your computer can connect to internet and ‘Notepad’,’Calculator’ and ‘Paint’ applications already install in computer.

Step 1 : Let me take notepad as a example.Open the ‘notepad’,then click ‘Help’ and ‘Help Topics’,

Step 2 :Click the ‘Notepad’ at top of the left corner and select ‘Jump to URL’

Step 3 : In ‘Jump to this URL’ column,type in any website that you wanted such as,then click ‘OK’.

Step 4 : The notepad will displayed the website,

Same steps applied to ‘Calculator’ and ‘Paint’.