How To Browse Instagram Photos On iPad

You can find solution browsing Instagram photos on desktop, web browser or Android phone but seem there no way browse Instagram photos on iPad.If you are looking for an Instagram app or finding solution how to browse Instagram photos on iPad, you can try below mentioned solution.

MyPad App for Browse Instagram Photos On iPad

MyPad let you browsing Facebook and Twitter all in one app for iPad.Recently MyPad released update added Instagram allow MyPad users browse and interact with Instagram Photos at the same time reading and posting to Facebook and Twitter, this new update including MyPad free and paid version and let users browsing popular Instagram photo, leave feedback and like photos, except that you can’t  capture or upload new photos to Instagram from this app.

Browse popular Instagram photos

instagram photos on ipad


Double tab the photo and like it.

instagram photos on ipad


Leave comment on photo.

instagram photos on ipad


Download MyPad from iTunes app store.


Pinstagram for iPad

Pinstagram for iPad just let you browse Instagram photos only but all the photos will display in Pinterest-style waterfall view.Moreover, you also can pin any photo to your Pinterest board and shared it if you are like the photo.Same as MyPad, you can’t  capture or upload new photos to Instagram from this iPad app.

Pinstagram allow users browse popular and own photos, photos taken nearby (need turn on location service) and comment on photos.

instagram photos on ipad


View photo in full screen mode, then swipe left and right navigate.

instagram photos on ipad


You can share your interest Instagram photos to Facebook and Twitter with Pinstagram.

Download Pinstagram from iTunes app store (free for limited time).

Which one you prefer ?