How To Fix Unstable Internet Connectivity

Are your computer internet connectivity stable and won’t corrupted during online ?Some of us internet connections always disconnected and need to connect again and again,maybe you will complain to your ISP why have such this kind of poor internet service to the users.Sometimes this kind of poor internet connections are due to computer setting or data corrupted.

Before starting below mention solution,let’s confirm your modem and router not overheat or someone disconnected your internet connection purposely with some internet tool.If all mentioned above is ok,then maybe is some internet registry entries are being removed,this are due to uninstall some software or virus and spyware.WinSockXP Fix ( apply to Window XP OS only) is a tool that can restored back all the internet setting due to above problem.

1.Download WinSockXP Fix and run WinSockxpfix.exe.Select ‘REG-Backup’ to back up the registry,

internet connection

2.Select ‘Fix’ after registry back up completed,then reboot the computer and try the internet connection.

3.If unstable internet connection still happen,go to ‘control panel’ –> ‘internet connection’,then select your internet connection method’,click ‘properties’–> ‘wireless network’ and ‘properties’,

internet connection

4.Choose ‘Authentication’,put uncheck for ‘Enable IEEE 8021x authentication for this network’

internet connection

Hope can help you all.

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