Use Hide My Phone! Create Disposable Phone Number To Protect Your Real Number

Some online services have to use a phone number to register as a user. We may concern privacy and kept ours real phone number private, so is there any disposable temporary phone number can use for register online service? Now you just download Hide My Phone! mobile application to generate phone numbers in different countries of the world, and can receive calls, SMS messages.

Hide My Phone! is brought to you by the makers of Hide My Ass!, a VPN service provider which from Privax. Currently it supports Android and iOS platforms, you will obtain a free disposable phone number from six countries, including United States, Britain, Canada, Italy, Poland and Lithuania. Every free account with a private phone number can use up to seven days for voice calls, SMS, voice mail and more.

Hide My Phone! App

They provide $1.00 free credit as sign up. We can use these free credits to have a free trial before renew the account after 7 days free trial become expire. By the way we can pay to get the mobile phone numbers from other countries, including Australia, Brazil, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Ireland, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, South Africa and Netherlands, all rental price for each region is different and without SIM card provided.

Download Hide My Phone! app for Android and iPhone. Start run the app > tap on get started button > sign up a free account by enter in an email address, username and password.

Hide my phone! app

Tap on “Free Trial Number” getting free private and disposable phone number. Select you preferred country and number.

Hide%20my%20phone%20disposable%20phone%20number 2

In the last step the screen will show your phone number, support voice calls, SMS and international SMS, also $1.00 free credit available.

Hide%20my%20phone%20disposable%20phone%20number 4

I tried using app to send an SMS to my phone and receive confirmed.

Disposable phone number

If you want a temporary phone number from other countries and don’t want to spend money brought a SIM card, Hide My Phone! definitely is your choice.