Hide File And Folder On Local Or USB Drives With WinMend Folder Hidden

Sometimes we need to hide ours personal data in PC or removable drives such as USB drive,so nobody can view it without your permission,especially for those who use sharing computer.Here is a freeware called ‘Winmend folder hidden‘ that can meet your requirement.

Winmend folder hidden let you hide private folders or files that which you don’t want others access it.You can hide any document,photo,videos and others with Winmend folder hidden with set a password for this application.Moreover,it not only applied for computer but also for removable drives.

Download Winmend folder hidden and running installation.You will require to set the password as first time running this software.


This interface are simple,just select the folder or file that need to hide,then click ‘hidden folder’ or ‘hidden files’ only.