HelloTxt.Com : Update Status In Social Network Services With Simultaneous Way

It was troublesome that need to sign in one by one to updated the information in your social networks and microblog .Is there any simple step or method to help us ?Here i would like to introduce you a website,HelloTxt.com,you just need input one single message,HelloTxt will automatically sent this message to all social network services (supported upload photo and video ),those Facebook and Twitter users don’t miss this.

It was quite easy to use HelloTxt.com services.Connect to HelloTxt.com website,entered in any message,then the message can send to twitter、facebook、pownce、jaiku、myspace and bebo social networks website without any registration.

Just enter a message and put a check for “I agree…”, and then selecting a social site, then click “Send Message” . (social networking sites wii verify account number and password ) .

You can register to get a HelloTxt.com account for more features and benefits.It provides registered user such as accounts and password memory, picture / video upload, and other social networking sites posting features .

If you like to recall back the message which you have sent,press the top right corner of the “Timeline” link, then select the release site, you will be able to get the history of the message.

Moreover,HelloTxt.com can help you upload the photo or video to the social network website.Just click ‘Option‘ ,’Browse‘ and ‘Upload‘ .The photo will store in the Hello.Txt.com website.

Video need to upload to video sharing website first and getting the video embed code,then copy and paste the code in the small column and click ‘Insert’.A video thumbnail will appear at the right side and product a short URL,so you can share the video with your friends.