Hate Skype ? Use Back Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger shutting down (formerly know as MSN Messenger) on last month, Microsoft asked users migrate to Skype continue using of program’s functionality. Well i know some messenger users hate using Skype and looking for Windows Live Messenger alternative application to replace Skype like Pidgin, PureMSN or Messenger Revive 2 etc.

Some users prefer original MSN messenger interface panel and dislike using alternative messenger application. However when we try to log in Windows messenger, upgrade reminder windows will pop up but in fact that is to install Skype, if you don’t want to upgrade then can’t use the application.. Here i show you how to use back WLM or MSN messenger without using Skype or third party application to continue using of program’s functionality.

Some time back i wrote a post regarding how to use resource hacker application rewrite resources of executable files to make WLM old version not forge upgraded, now we use same trick modify the MSN messenger executable files continue using live messenger with resource hacker.


How To Modify Windows Live Messenger Version And Not Force Use Skype

Below pop up windows showed as try to log in Windows Messenger, if click yes it’s will bring you download the Skype application.

Windows live messenger shutting down


Download Resource Hacker and installed. Select file > open > find location of msnmsgr.exe, then click on version info > 1 > 1033.

Resource hacker modify WLM version


Find two string values (fileversion and productversion), then modify first two number to 99 and click compile script.

windows live messenger alternative


Close the program by click on X, it’s will ask you want to save the modified file, select yes.

MSN messenger shutting down


Give a new filename to new modified application, here i put msn2.exe and save it.

MSN messenger alternative


Double click on msn2.exe starting the program, now MSN messenger is come back again.

Windows live messenger not force upgrade


The program worked fine after start up, all the contacts still can see as their online or offline, able chat with them look like all functionality work just like before.