Handy Backup : Complete Backup Software For PC [3 Free Licenses Giveaway]

Recently i got to know a disk imaging and backup software called ‘Handy Backup ‘ that developed by Novosoft LCC.There are three different type of Handy Backup edition for normal home users( Standard,professional and Full editions ), since professional and full edition can provide disk image backup,then i use Handy Backup professional edition for the trial run.

handybackup 4

Handy Backup professional is a comprehensive backup software that not only can backup your files,document or registry setting etc,it also can backup and restore image of the partitions disk or whole hard drive.Moreover,it’s also having synchronization for all the backup data,all this done by convenient wizard user-interface to simplify three kind of operation : backup,restore and synchronization.

The disk imaging and backup data can store at CD/DVD,harddisk,USD or FTP.You can refer here for more details.The most interesting point is disk imaging function.Normally computer inflected by virus,hardware or software installed issued and other will causing computer unstable performance,then we can’t fixed it or finding the solution and the last choice is format the pc.If you are using disk imaging to backup your whole window system,you just restore it and your Window Operating system normal back.

1.Download Handy Backup professional trial run edition and install,select ‘backup task’ as new task wizard appeared and click ‘Next’.

handybackup 1

2.Click ‘Add’ and select ‘Disk image’,click ‘Next’.

handybackup 2

3.Then you will notice that a ‘Devices’ folder appear,double click ‘Devices’ folder to expand all the partition disk.If need to backup C drive,just put a check on P and P1,click ‘Next’ again.

handybackup 3

4.Select your backup option ( full or incremental backup ),click ‘Next’ again.

5.Select a location where you want to store the backup image partition.Here i put it in D drive,click ‘Next’.

6.You can store the backup image partition by compression or encrypt option,then enter in the task name and click ‘Run’,starting to backup.

If need to restore back the imaging partition,just select ‘Restore’ function and following the instruction.

Handy backup professional edition support Window 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 and costs USD 99.00.Thanks for Handy backup developer sponsorship for giving 3 Handy backup professional edition to WongSK Blog readers.You need subscribing with email news letter to WongSK Blog and put a comment here with valid email address.

This giveaways ended on 11/11/2009,3 winners will select randomly and published the result on 13/11/09.