Hack LINE Stickers For iPhone On 3.5.0 Version

Most LINE messenger users like stickers developed by Naver but some of the LINE stickers have regions restriction where we can’t get free LINE stickers download from others region country directly, unless your friends stayed on that region country sending Naver stickers as a gift to you.

Techgravy blog already shared some hack or trick how to get free LINE app stickers, however the tricks mentioned in the post may not worked after LINE app for iPhone and android updated to latest version. Recently iPhone LINE app updated to 3.5.0 version, this version blocked some loophole and caused some LINE messenger users facing free Naver LINE app stickers download problem as they refer below post.

Finally with the help of my friends at Taiwan, we managed to find new solution and trick how to get back LINE stickers download for iPhone on 3.5.0 version.


iPhone LINE Stickers

First need verified phone number, link your email  and Facebook account with iPhone LINE app, then stop LINE app running at background.

iphone LINE app stickers


Download iTools English version and installed. Run iTools application > App > LINE app > View files icon.

itools software


Navigate to LINE > Library > Preferences, backup jp.naver.line.plist to PC.



After backup the files, double click jp.naver.line.plist, select the text inside and copy it by press Ctrl+C keyboard button.

Amend jp.naver.line.plist


Paste the text by press Ctrl+V keyboard button into jp.naver.line.plist 處理器 (jp.naver.line.plist converter) web page. This web page is developed by Taiwanese and let you change lastOpRevisionl, nextRequestSequence and Region string values automatically without manual key in that mentioned in previous hack.

change location in jp.naver.line.plist


Go back to iTools and delete jp.naver.line.plist file.

Delete jp.naver.line.plist


Now start run LINE app again. Log in in with your Facebook account without enter your email address.

login LINE with facebook account


Click cancel for add friends from your contacts after log in with Facebook successfully.

login with facebook account without email


After noticed all your friends listed then stop LINE app running at background again, connect iPhone with iTools application and copy jp.naver.line.plist with the method mentioned above.

Naver line stickers for iPhone


Then paste to jp.naver.line.plist converter web page (file after login column).

line app sticker


Select which country that your preferred download free LINE sticker for iPhone, here i choose Japan. A jp.naver.line.plist amended file created and then copy all the text inside the column.


Replace by paste the amended file to jp.naver.line.plist, then click save.

free line sticker download


Use Safari web browser visit . More details for this web page please visit

Choose the free Naver stickers that you preferred (here i select free stickers from Japan) by tab on LINE link (line://shop/detail/xxx).

Naver line stickers


Well you will notice the LINE stickers download for iPhone is available and also let you send as a gift to your friend.

Japan free line sticker


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PS: If you happy with current iPhone LINE app version, please don’t update to latest version if update available, some loophole may block and caused Naver stickers trick can’t apply after updated.

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