Hack iOS 7.0.X Firmware Able To Install iOS 7.1 Version Apps [JailBreak]

WWDC 2014 is around the corner, i try to install WWDC app but the application require iOS 7.1 or later. Since my iPad already jailbroken remaining at iOS 7.0.6 version and upgrading to iOS 7.1 or later will not be able to jailbreak, seem there are no way or any solution. If your iOS devices already jailbroken, then we can hack iOS 7.0.x devices install the latest WWDC app or other applications that minimum requirements iOS 7.1.

Hack iOS 7.0 Devices Install App Requires iOS 7.1 Or Later


  • Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.
  • Install iFile from Cydia.
  • This hack is for iOS 7.0 ~ 7.0.6 users.

A pop up message appeared as try to install application that requires iOS 7.1. Tap on cancel button and close AppStore running at background.

Install iOS 7.1 apps by hack iOS 7.0.X firmware

Run iFile on iOS devices. Tap on top left tabbed “< var >” > “< /” back to top level folder list. then tap on “System” > “Library” folder.

Select on “CoreServices” folder > “SystemVersion.plist” file, tap on that file.

Open the plist file by “Property List Viewer”.

Modify iOS 7 version

Here we need to modify “ProductBuildVersion” and “ProductVersion” values.

  • Change “ProductBuildVersion” to 11D201.
  • Change “ProductVersion” to 7.1.1

Tap “Done” button after completed.

Please note down the values for your default iOS version, we need change back to default setting later.

Now we have to confirm iOS firmware version. Tap on “Settings” app > “General” > “Version”, you can see the version has become iOS 7.1.

Download WWDC app from AppStore. No problem running app on your iOS devices.

Trick install iOs 7.1 apps on iOS 7.0.X devices

The last step is using iFile change back “ProductBuildVersion” and “ProductVersion” values to your default iOS setting. The iOS 7.1 apps still able to run on iOS 7.0.x version.

This hack iOS 7.0.X on jailbreak iOS devices allow users able install iOS 7.1 or later apps without upgraded.