Hack Flickr Free Account Browse Exceed 200 Photo Restriction

At end of last year i was transferred my weblog photo from Picasa to Flickr,as i uploaded till around 170 photo to Flickr ( free account ),there is a warning message showing to me;
You’ve run into one of the limits of a free account. Your free account will only display the most recent 200 things you’ve uploaded. Anything beyond 200 will remain hidden from view until you either delete newer items, or upgrade to a Pro account.

It’s due to my careless didn’t read through the Flickr’s rule and regulation.There are only 100 MB monthly photo upload limit (10MB per photo) and photostream views limited to the 200 most recent images,etc.So,should i upgrade to Flickr pro account ?

However,for those who like me,100MB monthly photo upload limit,can browse all the uploaded photo and photos can link up to blog,forum are enough to us.It’s impossible for me to tranfer back all the uploaded photo from flickr free account to Picasa again,take time and troublesome.Now i show you a trick how to exceed photostream views limited to the 200 most recent images,that means you can view all the photo in Flickr free account without upgarde to flickr pro.

In Flickr account you can find a feature that called ‘Group’.It is specialized to allow a group of enthusiasts, they will be common,sharing and discuss to all their favorite photos,at this time all the group’s photo, no matter how long the link will appear, free from 200 photo restrictions.We can use this ‘group’ feature create a community to manage our photos.

1.First go to ‘http://www.flickr.com/groups/‘ create a group.


2.Choose ‘Public.anyone can join’ group and click ‘CREATE’.


3.Create group name and safely level.


4.Choose the setting for non member who visit your group photo.


5.Give a specific titles,then your group has been created.


6.Then go to Flickr ‘Organize’ webpage (http://www.flickr.com/photos/organize/) .


7.Click ‘group’ and select the group that created.


8.Select ‘All your content’ –> ‘Select all’ –> drag the photo to upper region,then all the photo will transfer to this group.


9.So after you upload the photo to flickr account,must remember transfer the photo to the group.

Below photo proved that can view all the photo in your Flickr free account with group feature.


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