Gsplit : Split Large File To Smaller Files For Easy Sharing Purpose

As you want to share a file (50MB size) with your friend,how to you do ? Upload to a file hosting and asked your friend download it or using send ‘big size’ email ? normally i will using a small program that called ‘Gsplit’ that can split a large file into multiple pieces and then sending out with email.

I used with Gsplit to send out some video clip or movie to my friend,it’s fast and convenient.GSplit is a powerful file splitter that lets you split your large files (like Self-Extracting and Zip archives, multimedia, song, music, picture, document files…) into a set of smaller files that are easier to copy to floppies, distribute over the Internet or through E-mail, share with friends or colleagues, archive to Zip disks or CDs. The smaller files can be easily combined, using the generated Self-Uniting Executable, that automatically restores the original file for you without requiring GUnite.

1.Go to to download Gsplit 2.1 and install.

2.Run Gsplit and ‘Browse’ file that want to split it.I select a flv file with 65.9MB size .

3 PM

3.Select the ‘desination folder’ where the smaller file to store it.


4.Go to ‘Type and Size’ and selected what type of the smaller file to be created.I selected ‘i want to set the size of all piece files‘.Gsplit will automatically calculate how many files created.

5 PM

5.Click ‘Split’,Gsplit will starting split the file.

6.After that go to destination folder where to store the smaller file,you will noticed that 6 smaller files already created and a ‘disk1.EXE’ file.You can sending all these 7 files to your friend.

6 PM

7.To combine all the smaller files,the ‘disk1.EXE’ is a important file.Double click ‘disk1.EXE’ file,a pop up window will showing as below,select the location where the combine file to be store and click ‘Unite’.

7 PM

8.The flv.file combined already.

8 PM.