Gphangouts : Find Google+ Hangouts Activities

Google+ Hangouts is the group video chat segment of Google+.It allows multiple people engage in a video conference.Recently a singer +Daria Musk and jazz guitarist +Rob Michael using Google+ Hangouts having a Hangout mini concert.

However,it’s not easy to know all these program in Google+ Hangouts caused only allow up to 10 buddies engaged in it.

Gphangouts is a web site list out all public Google+ Hangouts activities and you can find your favorite.Gphangouts not only list out Hangout mini concert,it’s also publishing some learning language program,teaching program and so on.


Moreover,you can add your favorite Hangouts activities to Google Calender.If we set Google Calendar with SMS notification, then we will not miss it with receive an SMS message.

If you plan to have some Google+ Hangouts activities,you can register in Gphangouts and let others find your Hangouts activities here.

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