How To Use Google Maps As Android Offline Maps In OruxMaps

RMaps is my favorite Android offline maps which allow download Google maps offline, this feature will benefit those who like to travel from getting lost and provide offline navigation. Unfortunately, this great navigation app already pulled down from Google Play Store, then i have use alternative android app called OruxMaps.

I was quite happy and satisfied after used for some time, which allow make your own map by download online maps especially Google maps, as my android offline maps for offline use. By the way it’s also online map viewer let users to get positioning, record track, calculate land area and other advanced features.

OruxMaps Android Offline Maps

As OruxMaps updated to 5.5.9 version, noticed that some online map sources already removed due to copyright issue, as stated at Play store What’s New description.

Oruxmaps Android offline Maps

Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Terrain online maps took out from this version after checked. Although we still can use OpenStreetMap, Mapsforge and other maps sources, but Google Maps content is still relatively and completely. I have to find out any solution to let online Google Maps back to the app.

Create own maps

Solution Add Google Maps To Android OruxMaps Latest Version

Finally got the solution that is using 5.5.3 old version. Extract onlinemapsources.xml file from OruxMaps old version app then copy and paste old xml file to oruxmaps/mapfiles folder, replace and overwrite original onlinemapsources.xml file, that all.


Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Terrain online maps all back again. Now i can download Google Maps offline as my android offline maps for navigation.

Download google Maps offline

Take note the file will be overwritten and rename to onlinemapsources.xml.bak when the app updated. Remember to add the setting back after app updated.

If the maps view not showing in your prefer language, you should check:

Create GPX routes for OruxMaps with Google Maps KML

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