Google Gears Support Firefox 3.5

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Are you using Google Gears service ?You may noticed Google Gears not compatible with Firefox after upgrading to 3.5 version.Today Google Gears supported Firefox 3.5 version officially,if you still don’t know or what the benefit by using Google Gears,you can read through this post.

Regarding Google Gears service,you can refer Wikipedia here.It allowed common web applications to cache and serve in the PC disk and reducing network access frequently in order to achieve increasing the responsiveness of the website.

System Requirement

  • Window XP/Vista
  • Firefox 1.5+ and IE 6.0+

Available Window ,Window Mobile,Mac,Linux and Android.

Download Google Gears (Window) and run installer.You need to close all web browser during running installation.The Google Gears item will listing into Firefox add-on menu.

Totally 12 web application that supported Google Gears.Here i would sharing with you how to activate Google Gears service to support Google Gmail and Reader in offline .

1.Google Gmail

Access your Gmail account,select ‘Setting’ –> ‘Labs’ –> choose ‘Enable’ for ‘Offline’ item,then click ‘Save Change’.

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Click ‘Offline 0.2’ that appeared at upper right corner in Gmail account.It will install offline access Gmail into PC,remember put a ‘check’ in ‘I trust this site…..’ and select ‘Allow’.

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You can select adding a Gmail offline shortcut in desktop,start menu or quick launch bar,it will download recent email and synchronizing both Gmail account.Now you can read and compose your email although internet disconnected.

2.Google Reader

Access to Google Reader and click green clolor icon locate at upper right corner,then put a ‘Check’ in ‘I trust this site….’ and click ‘Allow’,

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it will downloading 2000 RSS feed recently and showed you are in offline mode status after download completed.You are able continue to read RSS feed if internet disconnected.