Google Drive: Something Need To Know

Google Drive rolled out yesterday finally. Google gives you 5GB of free storage space, actually Google Drive is upgrade from Google Docs directly and don’t have Google Docs anymore in further just Google Drive only. Google also launching Google apps for Windows/Mac Os/Android platform at the same time.

Google Drive let us create, share, collaborate, and keep all of ours files including videos, photos, Google Docs and PDFs, then we also can use Google apps for Windows, Mac OS or android to sync files between any devices and Google Drive cloud, so you can get to your latest files from virtually anywhere. Others than that Google Drive allow us linking with Gmail and Google Plus contacts create and collaborate on documents,spreadsheets and presentations.


Google App For Windows

Download Google app for Desktop and installed, you need to submit your Gmail and Google will notify you whenever downloading Google Drive desktop client is available.

Default folder location is at C:\Users\Google Drive but we can change the folder set up location by click 「Advanced Setup」 option.

Install google drive


This Google app for Windows not only can change folder set up location, it’s also having sync folder option,sync Google Docs offline and so on.

google drive


If you having files stores at Google Docs then noticed all the file link already sync to folder. However all these files link can’t open at offline and edited. Now you can use Google Drive folder located at PC act as Dropbox application, putting all files inside it and will synchronized in real time to cloud storage.

Google gives you 5GB of free storage space but why my storage space still showed zero % after some files stores inside ? This is due to any docs you create within Drive don’t count against your storage, that means any file uploaded need to convert and corresponding to Google Docs format if you need zero storage.

google drive

Google Drive Cloud

All files sync from Google Drive app to Drive cloud storage can browsing and viewing over here.

What different with Dropbox is Dropbox emphasized local hard drive is your center to do all upload, create, edit or sync job but Google Drive is opposite that you need to put your focus on Google Drive cloud storage and make use of it.

Google Drive cloud supports up to 30 types of files include Adobe file format. If you have document  need to share just simply right-click a file or folder, select “Share,” and choose your sharing option.

google drive

Google Drive Third-Party Web Apps

Click 「CREATE」 showed drop down menu, select 「More」 and 「Get More Apps」 options. It’s will connect to Chrome Web Store and install all these necessary web apps into Google Drive cloud.

google drive third party apps


In addition all these web app not only supports Google Chrome web browser but also supports Firefox.

Click 「Setting」 icon at top right and select 「Manage Apps」, you can perform remove apps or choose app which as default open app.

Here i would like using 「Pixir Editor」become default image viewer.

Manage google drive thirty party apps


Actually Google Drive  and Dropbox application not so much different but as thirty-party web apps added to Google Drive, Google Drive application and function will become wider as you no need register thirty-party web apps, just use your Google account to linking all these apps and create content inside Google Drive.

At the end a good news that Google has decided to bump the Gmail storage from 7.5GB to 10GB to celebrate the launch of Google Drive.You can check your Gmail storage through Google Storage web page after log in.