Google Buzz + My Experience

Yesterday Google launched a web service,called Google Buzz that almost similar others micro-blogging service such as Twitter and Facebook.Google Buzz is integrated with Gmail and let you share any update,link,photo and video.Moreover Google buzz can display Twitter messages and Google reader shared articles.

Google Buzz linked site available are;

  • Twitter
  • Picasa
  • Flickr
  • Google Reader
  • Blog ( Need to create Google Profile )
  • Google Blogspot
  • Google Talk
  • YouTube

How To activate Google Buzz ?

Visit http;// and log into account,the web page will shown as below;

google buzz

Then click ‘Sweet!Checkout Buzz’.

Find and follow people and add web site

Google Buzz will using our Gmail contact list in suggestion follow people list as default.If you need add more people to follow just click ‘find people’ by enter in the name or email address.

google buzz

Click ‘X connected sites’ add in Google Talk,Reader,blogspot,Picasa,Twitter by click ‘Add’ and ‘Save’.

google buzz

Share photo and video

Just copy and paste the photo link into message column,Google buzz will display photo directly.

google buzz

If you want to share YouTube’s video,you can also just paste the URL to it and watch video in Google buzz directly.

google buzz

How to avoid Google Buzz interfere normal Gmail routine job ?

You may felt annoying if the discussion or comments always showing in Google Buzz during the time composing or reply can go to ‘Comment’ located at top right hand corner and click ‘mute this post’,then all the discussion and comment will not appear again.

google buzz

So if your friend (A) mute the post that you sending the comments,all your sending message and your friend ( A ) reply message will always go to your Gmail inbox.

If you really don’t like Google Buzz service integrated with Gmail,go to Gmail bottom page and click ‘turn off buzz’.

google buzz

My personal view is If Google Buzz initial goal is challenge Twitter or Facebook,such the direction impossible to success but Google Buzz target on integrated their Google’s own service and all users,perhaps Gmail will be a new personal communication tool for ours.

How do you think ?