Google Anonymizer : Protect your Searching Privacy In Internet

There are many websites using Google analytics that helping websites owner and Google collected data how users use their site.These included information about your use of a certain website (including your IP address) can automatically be transmitted to and stored by Google using cookies,you might have visited such a website without knowing about it.If you concerned about your privacy,you might be wondering what you can to avoid it.

It has been a long time i using Google anonymizer to avoid the tracking systems from Google.Using this feature makes you more anonymous,Google and the owner of the website knows that someone visited a webpage, but it’s difficult to track all pages you’re visiting.

You need to install Greasemonkey Firefox addon before install this Google Anonymizer.Then a ‘monkey face’ will appear at bottom Firefox web browser after install and reboot Firefox ,

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Then install Google anonymizer script and click ‘install’,you can browser the website without sending back any data for Google analytics.

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