Go OO : Yours Alternative Office Suite Software

7 6 2008+9 01 39+AM

Go OO is a improved office software from Open Office word-processing free software, not only in terms of speed software launched a substantial progress, some interface also got the improvement compared with open office.

Go OO almost similar with Open Office 2.4 version of the overall features, built-in database management of the Base, the same with the Excel spreadsheet software Calc, can be compatible with the PowerPoint presentation software Impress and can edit Word documents with the Writer.

There also have drawing charts, diagrams, etc. … pictorial diagram of the drawing tools Draw, edit and the mathematical formula Math, are very useful software tool, with a focus on Go OO is the same with Open Office is free software .

Due to Go OO has build in Open XML,it can supports Microsoft Office 2007 document such as docx,xlsx and ppts.

Download Go OO Office Suite .