Gmail Tips : Maintain Inbox With Right Habit

How you checking mail if your Gmail inbox receiving 50+ emails daily ? Reading mail one by one or select sender who you known ? I think it’s not a good practice to do so,i will sharing some tips how to maintain Gmail by building right set of habit.

I used Gmail receive all vendor,customer email,daily newsletter subscription,Google Alert messages,Twitter & Facebook invitation email,all forwarding email and so on.My volume of email can ramp up 50+ daily easily and will miss an important message.

Now i use ‘filter’ and ‘label’ Gmail features to filter out some unimportant mail by make it ‘disappear’ in inbox and just concentrate my time for the important mail.

‘Filter’ and ‘Label’ are different function,you can enter through ‘Setting’ located at upper right corner to manage these two function.Open up a email,click ‘more actions’ icon and select ‘Filter messages like this’,


Gmail will create a filter rule for that email automatically and you can edit to make it more accurate,click ‘Next Step’,


Now you can set the action by choose star it,apply the label,forward mail and so on.Normally i will choose ‘Skip the inbox’ and ‘Apply the label’ –> ‘New label’,then create filter name and click ‘OK’.


After create filter name remember put a check on ‘Also apply filter to XX conversations below’ and click ‘Create filter’ icon.


Go back to Gmail account and will notice ‘Label’ lists at left hand side,click label that you create and specify a color of a label to make it easier to identify.


In Gmail, all of the label categories will list up at left hand side, but this list is divided into upper and lower layers,above layer will be fixed display, the labels at bottom layer will be hidden by default (use the drop-down menu to open it).Move the label up and down by drag and drop method ,you can drag and drop unimportant email label folder to hidden list and let the important email label folder always appear.


All the unimportant email like Google Alert messages,Social networking invitation email ( Twitter or Facebook ) set up through the steps mentioned above will not appear in your Gmail inbox and will transfer to the specified label folder,then will not interfere your Gmail normal routine job and we can manage all this unimportant email during others free time.

Now i just concentrate and manage email contain in inbox and label folder that always appear only.I think that this method can be increase efficiency of maintain email and will not miss out any important email.

You should give it a try.

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