Gmail Sign In Problem,How To Fix It ?

Gmail user noticed that gmail take a lot of time to load in after type in the username and password at login page.compared with Yahoo or hotmail mail.Sometimes the browser will stuck and showed a page ‘the system was unable to perform your operation.Please try again in few second’.Below have some method to help you to log in successful.

1.Press ‘Ctrl’+’F5’ key as gmail loading screen appear,your gmail inbox will appear quickly.

2.Use,don’t use to log in.

3.Use HTML type to sign in by typing,you can switch it back to normail view as gmail loading screen appeared.

4.Use gmail mobile version by typing .

5.Gmail supported web browser are IE,firefox,Safari,Mozila and Netscape.Please use to bypass the default browser checking.

6.If above mentioned method still can’t help,try go to and added gmail module there.this is a fastest way to log in without waiting gmail inbox loaded.

7.The last one ( not asking you don’t use gmail).Clear your browser cache,cookie and temperary internet files and sign in again.

Hope can help all of you.

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