Get Rid Shaking Video With YouTube Video Stabilization Feature

New iPhone 4S come with a enhance feature video image stabilization which will get all the shaking motion out from video.We will envious of it as ours smartphones or digital video camera may lacking this kind stabilization feature,then will thinking purchase video stabilizer or using video stabilization software such as Adobe Premiere to get rid shaking video footage.Well you no need worried about shaking video footage and  YouTube new layout already add in stabilization in it edit video application to stabilize video now.

How To Use Stabilization Feature On YouTube ?

1.Upload a video to YouTube.Then select 「Edit Video 」from Video Tool menu.

youtube video stabilization


2.Click 「Stabilize 」to remove video motion and 「Save 」 to save the amended video.

youtube video stabilization


Below are the video before and after using 「Stabilize 」feature in YouTube.



Are you felt this feature benefit to all ?