Get The Glass : Online Game

Today i would like to share this online game ‘Get the glass‘.Th
e game describes a family living in a small island who shortage of milk caused body weakness, the player must help the family driving a van, escaped from police and looking for the place where having milk .Moreover,this game containing 3D animation and don’t miss it.

Get the Glass using ‘Monopoly’ game mode that use dice decide step forward.Go to get the glass website and click ‘Launch full screen’,then click ‘Play the Game’ to start it.

In the game spaces divide to three categories that is mastermind,fortune and misfortune.
Fortune and misfortune just send you back and forwards spaces, but mastermind is a set of Cranium-like challenges like word search, trivia questions, fill in the missing letters of the word, and just a whole lot of well done micro-games.

If you can’t pass the micro-game,these family will arrest by police and send to ‘Milkatraz’ island.Select ‘Risk escape’ to spin a wheel to bring back to the game ( i always select this option ).

The whole game is beautifull designed and animated.If you got the glass,you will get the image as below,

Enjoy your weekend.

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