How To Get Back Whatsapp Auto Download Images Option Missing On iPhone

Previously auto download option added into Whatsapp for iPhone and android to let Whatsapp messenger users decide turn on or off but now Whatsapp auto download images option missing on latest Whatsapp version for iPhone suddenly, some iPhone Whatsapp users may feel inconvenient as they using 3G data plan.

Whatsapp messenger user sent a mail regarding this issue to Whatsapp and they got the feedback as below,

Thank you for your feedback.

As part of a product decision, we have removed the ability to turn off auto-download images from recent versions of WhatsApp. If your friends still see this feature on their phones, they most likely have an older version of the app.

We understand your concern for data usage; however, images on WhatsApp are down-sized, resulting in a typical image size and data usage of approximately 40-50KB per image.

Therefore, even if your WhatsApp contacts send you 100 images per day for an entire month (30 days), that would total to 135MB of data usage. Of course, that’s an extreme case and more often the average WhatsApp user receives 19 images per month; this is equivalent to 855KB, or 0.83MB per month. Rest assured, this amount is covered by even the smallest data plans.

You can also check your actual data usage within WhatsApp:
– For iPhone, tap Settings > Usage
– For Android and BlackBerry, press menu(bb) button > Settings > Account Info > Network Usage
– For Nokia, press menu button > Settings > About > Network Usage

You can see the exact media data usage under “Media bytes received.”

– Kevin

WhatsApp Support Team



If we concerned 3G data usage will be increase and don’t want all the image stored to phone directly, we can┬ábring back Whatsapp auto download option on Whatsapp iPhone by try below trick.


Enable iPhone Whatsapp Auto Download Option

Download iTools English version and installed. Stop Whatsapp running at background then run iTools application > App > Whatsapp > View files icon.

Whatsapp download


Navigate to Whatsapp > Library > Preferences, backup net.whatsapp.WhatsApp.plist to PC, in case any unforeseen issue occur then can restore back.

Get back whatsapp auto download images option


After backup the files, double click net.whatsapp.WhatsApp.plist. Scroll down and find <key>ShowAutoDownload></key> string value.

Auto download option for iphone


Change ShowAutoDownload from false to true and save it.

Edit plist file enable auto download whatsapp


Now run Whatsapp on iPhone. Go to Settings > Chat Settings > Advanced > auto download option missing on iPhone is come back, now you can turn on and off auto download images option.

whatsapp auto downloadwhatsapp auto download images disable on iphone



PS: This trick is apply to Whatsapp 2.8.7 version only.

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