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I received the comments from my blog reader is there any method watching UK TV channel online like ITV,BBC,Channel 4 if staying outside UK after reading my previous post ‘How to watch UK TV channel online outside UK ?‘ because UKtelly toolbar valid for 24 hours trial run only unless you have to pay it.Yes you can watch the UK TV channel through the VPN services.

UK TV sites banned the peoples who comes from outside UK through internet by IP address detection.Then we have force to use VPN service to access these UK TV channel but most of the VPN service are not free and not locate in UK,here i introduce to you using freeVPN watch UK TV channel.It’s free and have two servers that located in UK and US but you need caution using this free VPN service.

Download freeVPN client software and installed.Close all the open web browser then run freeVPN.Select ‘connect to UK’ option and click ‘Connect’ button,it will connect to UK server without key in any username and password.

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Some of the antivirus software will detect freeVPN as malicious program during running installation,you may use the sandboxie running freeVPN for safety purpose.

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